Notes on these charts:


KAKHOMER37 is located at 1150' on the top of the ridge facing Katchemak Bay, inside the Homer city limits. As such temperatures here are 3 to 5 degrees cooler than downtown Homer. That matters in the Spring and Fall when it will be snowing on the ridge and raining downtown. Another odd thing that happens in the summer are thermal inversions. When this happens it can be 3-5 degrees WARMER up on the ridge.


Our location on the top of the ridge facing south would lead you to believe that we would experience strong winds up here. That is not the case. We are sheltered from the breezes that come in from the Gulf of Alaska. As a result the highest recorded wind speed that we have seen is around 55MPH. There is a weather station far better suited to capture the true wind speed on the water near Bay Vista near the visitor rest area as you come into Homer. We have seen wind speeds that peg that anemometer at 110MPH on a pretty regular basis. It is known on WEATHER UNDERGROUND as KAKHOMER 14 and you can easily find it using Google.

96 Hour (Last four days)